Hide Legacy Skills Tab on Edit Training Page UI with the November '23 Release

Prior to this deprecation, Cornerstone CSX had two systems of skills: Legacy Skills and the Skills (Capabilities). The Legacy Skills is the older functionality while the Skills (Capabilities) is the current skill system powered by Cornerstone Skills Graph for its machine learning. Skills (Capabilities) is widely utilized by the customer base and receives constant innovation. The Legacy Skill system exists as a separate functionality that displays a different dataset of skills when compared to Skills (Capabilities).

With this November 2023 release, the Legacy Skills tab will be hidden from the Edit Training section in Course Catalog by default. Administrators can contact Global Customer Support to retain the Skills tab on the UI. When the deprecation occurs with the November 2023 release, the legacy “Skills” tab will be hidden from the UI by default.

To access the Legacy Skills tab in Edit Training, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > LEARNING > CATALOG MANAGEMENT > COURSE CATALOG > EDIT > SKILLS.

How Does this Deprecation Benefit My Organization?

This deprecation removes the confusion caused by two distinct collections of skills related to content but also allows the administrators to keep the Skills tab visible if required.


  • This deprecation only affects the display of legacy Skills on Content. No other part of CSX that uses legacy Skills is affected by this change.
  • Customers can request a detailed report of their legacy Skills associated with Learning Objects. To do so, contact your Account Manager before 5 September 2023.
  • Customers can opt out to keep the legacy Skills tab visible. To do so with no disruption to the legacy Skills tab, contact Global Customer Support before 9 November 2023.


This deprecation will be enabled on November 17, 2023.