Curriculum Player 2.0 - Milestone 3 (Open Beta)

Prior to this enhancement, the legacy Curriculum Player involved many pop-ups and stale workflows.

With this enhancement, Curriculum Player 2.0 provides users with a straightforward path to complete their curriculum. The Curriculum Player 2.0 is fine-tuned to provide a modern UI while addressing complex workflows.

The key features of Curriculum Player 2.0 Milestone 3 include:

  • Support for Event and Sessions
  • Notes
  • Handling additional transcript statuses
  • Incorporating Beta feedback

Support for Event and Sessions

  • Inline list view of available sessions with essential metadata -
    • Date and session start and end time
    • Registration deadline
    • Location
    • Seats available
  • Ability to view session details through a flyout -
    • Duration
    • Languages available
    • Training contact
    • Resources
    • Withdrawal or No Show penalties
    • Parts Schedule
  • Requested sessions display inline with an option to view more sessions.
  • Sessions in Denied, Canceled, or No-Show statuses are hidden by default but can be viewed through a toggle switch.


  • Notes display inline
  • Supports rich text formatting

Handling additional transcript statuses

  • On-the-Job Training Materials -
    • Support for the ‘Notify Observer’ workflow in a flyout
  • Request Exemption -
    • Ability to request an exemption for child training in a flyout

Incorporating Beta feedback

  • Clicking anywhere on a section in the table of contents expands the section to reveal nested trainings.
  • Updated section circle progress icon to include a checkmark once section contents are completed.
  • Improvement to Exit Course button that terminates an online course session.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

  • Improved workflows to minimize administrative involvement with functionality or process questions.
  • Increase in curriculum engagement.
  • Intuitive design that guides users through training completions
  • A modern UI that promotes engagement and allows for an intuitive learning journey.


This functionality is only available in Stage portals for all organizations. The functionality is automatically disabled and requires self-activation. To activate, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > LEARNING > LEARNING PREFERENCES > FEATURE ACTIVATION PREFERENCES. In the Activate Curriculum Player 2.0 section, click ACTIVATE. If already enabled in Stage, no action is required to utilize the new features.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Learning Features Self Activation Grants access to the Feature Activation Preferences page, where an administrator can activate new features associated with Learning, Connect and Extended Enterprise. Learning - Administration