Admin Compliance Dashboard - Curriculum

Customers need to check the effectiveness of training programs, versioning processes, and overall compliance so that the learners are assigned the right training version at the right time.

With this enhancement, the Admin Compliance Dashboard gives a quick overview of the versioning process and enables administrators to review the number of compliant and non-compliant learners and the number of learners who received the right version of the training.

The Admin Compliance Dashboard has the following features:

  • It displays the pass versus fail percentage for Curriculum versioning and assignment.
  • It shows details about failed Curricula for versioning/assignment on the flyouts.
  • It contains a link to the existing Curriculum Versioning Dashboard page to investigate failed assignment details.

To access the Admin Compliance Dashboard, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > LEARNING > ADMIN COMPLIANCE DASHBOARD.


  • Admin Compliance Dashboard is available only for Curriculum Learning Object (LO) with the July ’23 Release.
  • If there is no data available for the day, the Dashboard displays an empty graph. It happens when no versioning has occurred in the system or when a very old date is selected.
  • Although it is possible to select older dates, only the last 30 days of historical data is available in the Versioning Assignment Summary widget upon the initial release of this enhancement. The Versioning Summary Widget will show the data once the Versioning Redesign Enhancements are enabled in the portal.
  • When viewing the Admin Compliance Dashboard on a lower resolution device such as a mobile phone, add the Date Picker entries manually by typing a date via keypad or keyboard.
  • If a Curriculum is not assigned to an intended user, then the overall Curriculum assignment is displayed as a failure in the Assignment Failure Widget. For example, a Curriculum has to be assigned to 1000 Users. If it is assigned to 999 users and misses 1 user, then it is considered as a failure. The details about the failed users are available in the Curriculum Versioning Dashboard page for troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Learning module.


The following new permission applies to this functionality:

Admin Compliance Dashboard - View Grants ability to view the new Admin Compliance Dashboard. This permission cannot be constrained. This is an administrator permission. Learning - Administration

Security Role

Upon release, the new Admin Compliance Dashboard - View permission is enabled by default for the System Administrator role.