Accessibility Enhancements - July 2023

All companies aim to create an equitable learning experience. Improving accessibility allows all users to access and use the platform regardless of their ability to use a standard computing device.

With this release, Cornerstone is delivering accessibility enhancements that improve the user's ability to access and use the platform. The following accessibility enhancements have been included:

  • Color Contrast Improvements
  • Improvements to Browser Focus
  • Improvements to Form Labels
  • Improvements to Screen Reader Functionality
  • Improvements to Instructions for Mandatory Fields
  • Code Formatting Changes

Color Contrast Improvements

The following color contrast improvements have been made:

  • Learning Search -
    • The Show Only Mobile Enabled toggle
  • Global Search -

    • The Star Rating icons
    • The section headings for the predictive search modal when searching through the navigation
    • The "Refine Your Search" text
  • Print Transcript page -
    • The table header
  • Transcript > External Training -
    • Error message for the Title field
  • Curriculum Training Details page -
    • The "None" text under the "Details" column in the Curriculum section of the page
  • Playlists -
    • The "Search Catalog" and "What did you Learn from this Content" text
  • Connect -
    • The "Like" button and "Star" icon when selected
    • The "Search Tips" text when no search results are found
    • The table header for the "Topics" page and "Select Tags" modal
    • Various "Close" buttons for modals including those for "Spell Checker" and "Select Tag"
    • The text specifying how to "Drag and Drop" files for a reply
    • The border color for creating tags and attachments when a new post is created
    • The number of "Likes" for a post on the community page
    • The search icon within the "Search within Topic" field

Improvements to Browser Focus

The following improvements have been made for browser focus:

  • Playlists -
    • The focus no longer goes to the top of the page on clicking the Cancel button on the Remove Training modal
    • The focus outline is improved for the playlist training controls
  • My Checklists -
    • The focus is no longer cropped on the "Overall Progress" and "All Competencies"
  • Transcript -
    • Background items no longer receive browser focus when the View Team slide out is open
    • The menu next to the main action button for each training can now be closed using the "Esc" key

Improvements to Form Labels

Visual labels have been added to the following form fields:

  • The "Upcoming Sessions" sorting drop-down in the Event Learning Detail page
  • The "Playlist Title" field in the Copy Playlist modal
  • The "Title" and "Session ID" fields in the Event Calendar
  • The "Start Date" and "End Date" fields on the Add External Training page
  • Transcript: On the "Run Transcript Report" page, an underline has been added to the "Clear" link
  • Transcript: A duplicate Print button has been removed on the Print Transcript page

Improvements to Screen Reader Functionality

The following improvements have been made for the screen reader functionality:

  • Playlists -
    • The Private or Public checkbox
    • The content is updated when a link is pasted
    • The state for the buttons controlling the list display for playlists
    • The menu buttons are now uniquely identified
    • Images are now marked as decorative
  • Connect -
    • The "Like" buttons are now uniquely identified
    • The pagination buttons in the "Add Tags" modal no longer require users to read the entire summary
    • On the topics and discussion postings pages, the page title is now more specific
  • Create Event -
    • The Vendor field can now be read by a screen reader

Improvements to Instructions for Mandatory Fields

The following areas now have an instruction for a mandatory field:

  • The "Create Playlist" and "Copy Playlist" modal
  • The "Create Discussion" page in Connect
  • The Request Exemption page on the Transcript

Code Formatting Changes

The code format in the following areas has received changes and accessibility improvements:

  • Learning Details -
    • The title element is no longer empty
  • Connect -
    • On the Create Discussion page, the “Select Tag” modal is now correctly marked as a layout table
    • On the Discussion Posting Details page, items on the page are correctly identified as H1, H2, and H3 elements
    • On the Create Discussion Page, the text in the “Spell Checker” modal is correctly identified as a header
    • On the Discussion Posting Details page, the tags on a post are correctly identified as a list
    • On the Discussion Posting Details page, the page title is now unique
    • On the Topics tab, each topic is correctly identified as a heading
    • After completing a search in a community, the text identifying the search is correctly marked as a heading (H2)
    • In All Communities, headers are better identified in the list of results
  • Playlists -
    • On the Edit Description modal, the “Edit Description” text is better identified as a header

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Enhancements to accessibility allow all users of the platform to utilize features and functionality, regardless of the ability to use a standard computing device.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Learning module.