Reporting Fields - Learning

With this enhancement, the following new Learning fields are added to Reporting 2.0:

Field Name Field Description Field Type


Entity Section (UI Group)
Session Cancellation Reason (training) This field displays the reason the administrator selected in the drop-down when canceling the session. Text Learning Training Training Details
Session Cancellation Comment (training) This field displays the comment entered by the administrator when canceling the session ​ Text Learning Training Training Details

The following fields already exist in Reporting 2.0 but are associated to the user’s transcript. As such, the field names are updated to remove ambiguity:​​

Previous Field Name Updated Field Name
Cancellation Reason Cancellation Reason (transcript)
Cancellation Reason Comment Cancellation Reason Comment (transcript)


Upon implementation, this enhancement is available for all portals with Reporting 2.0.

Click here to download the Reporting 2.0 Adoption Kit.


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