Create & Edit Goals from Cornerstone CSX App

With this enhancement, users can now use the Cornerstone CSX app on their mobile devices to perform the following Goal tasks:

  • Create and edit goals
  • Update goal progress
  • Add and edit tasks and targets to goals
  • Update success descriptors
  • Add and edit goal comments

Note: With this release, the Cornerstone Learn app name is changed to Cornerstone CSX. See Re-naming Cornerstone Learn App in July 2023.

My Goal screen

Use the My Goal screen to view current goals and access the Create Goal screen.

  • To create a goal, tap the plus sign (+).
  • To edit a goal, tap the goal to open the goal details.

Create Goal Screen

Use the Create Goal screen to complete all of the appropriate goal fields.

Users can also create and edit Tasks & Targets, Success Descriptors, and Comments.


How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Learners can set and achieve their goals by providing a mobile tool to create and edit goals, track their progress, and see their progress in a visual format. ​