Transferring Offer Letter and CV to Universal Profile

Prior to this enhancement, when a candidate is hired for a requisition in the system, a Human Resources (HR) administrator had to manually save their offer letter and resume to their Snapshot page.

With this enhancement, the HR administrator can create folders where the candidate's offer letter(s) and resume(s) are automatically uploaded to the user's Universal Profile Snapshot Documents tab on their start date. Documents display an ID number, Upload Date, and Uploaded By information.

To create the offer letter and resume folders, HR administrators can go to Admin > Tools > Recruit > General Preferences> Division> Storage Destination and click the Select Folder button. The designated folder must be available currently on the user's Universal Profile Snapshot Document tab.

Note: User's must have appropriate permission to access these folders.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Administrators, managers/instructors, and users all have instant access to the new hire's offer letter and resume without going back to the candidate requisition.


  • Only offer letters and resumes uploaded through the requisition are automatically uploaded to the Snapshot page.
  • Before designating folders for the offer letter and resume, ensure that the appropriate folders are available on the user's Snapshot page.
  • Ensure that users have the appropriate permission to view the selected folders.
  • Flattened applications and Career Center/Universal Profile resumes will not be automatically uploaded.
  • If a user or HR admin:
    • Deletes the snapshot folder and its contents from user’s snapshot page, the actual file is not deleted from Applicant Profile page.
    • Deletes documents from inside the Snapshot folder in UI for a particular requisition, the documents are not retrievable.
    • Removes or deselects Snapshot folders from Recruit>General Preferences>Storage Destination, the folders are no longer visible in the Storage Destination section, but the folders remain on the user's Snapshot page.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Recruiting module.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Applicants: Delete Document Grants ability to access, manage, delete, and replace documents on the Applicant Profile > Documents tab or Attachments tab. This permission cannot be constrained by OU. This is an administrator permission Recruiting