Express Class Definable Training Time FAQs

Supported Training Types

Q: What training types support this functionality?​

A: All training types available for completion via Express Class (materials, tests, videos, events, and online classes).​

Observed Training Hours and Minutes​

Q: What are the maximum hours and minutes supported by this functionality?​

A: The maximum total definable time is 99999 hours.​

Q: Where can I see these hours and minutes after I define them?​

A: On the Observation History Page of the completed training and through Reporting.​

Q: Do these hours and minutes affect training hour counts on the Transcript or Learner Home?​

A: No, they do not add to or affect these counts.

Q: Why not use the Training Hours property instead of the Observed Training Hours property?​

A: Training Hours are meant to serve as a baseline estimation for how long training should take, and not as the literal time spent in training. This is why Training Hours are typically set during training creation, and Observed Training Time is set during training completion.​

Transcript Time in Training (min) Property​

Q: What happens to the “Transcript Time in Training (min)” values for Tests and Online Classes?​

A: Tests and Online Classes populate the “Transcript Time in Training (min)” property automatically through their workflows. This functionality is not affected. Because Express Class creates a new registration for training completions, the “Transcript Time in Training (min)” field is not automatically populated for Tests or Online Classes when completed via Express Class, and only the Observed Training Hours are populated if defined. This means that there is no concern regarding doubled training time counts between both fields.​