Express Class Definable Training Time

Prior to this enhancement, for Express Class trainees, there was no way to define the amount of time spent in training.

With this enhancement, learning administrators or training facilitators can define the actual time spent in training when submitting an Express Class, on both individual or bulk levels. Observed Training Hours and minutes can be defined for Express Class attendees, whose values can then be seen via the User Interface (UI) or in Reporting after completion.

To access this feature, go to Learning > Express Class.

To define training time:

  1. On the Express Class page, select Search Existing Training to locate the appropriate training or select Create New Training.
  2. On the Attendees page, select one of the following:
    • Add attendees: Add attendees manually via user selector. Selected attendees appear in the attendee list.
      • Upload Attendees: Select the Select File button to bulk upload attendees via .csv file. The .csv file now supports values for observed training hours and minutes. Note: If the .csv file has observed hours and/or training minutes columns, the values entered in those columns are pre-populated in the attendees list.
      • Identifier: In the Identifier column, enter one of the following identifiers for each user:
        •  Username
        •  User ID
        • Email Address
      • Status: In the optional Status column, enter the number that corresponds with one of the supported statuses:
        • 1 = Completed
        • 2 = Failed
        • 3 = Incomplete
      • Score: Commas are not supported by the optional Score field. Do not include commas in the CSV file. The score will appear on the Observation History page, available via Transcript Details.
      • Comments: Each optional comment can contain up to 3000 characters.
      • Observed Training Hours: Total time entered cannot exceed 99,999 hours
      • Observed Training Minutes: Any value over 59 will convert to hours and minutes, and the hours will be added to the value entered into the hours field (e.g. entering '999' minutes will convert to 16 hours, 39 minutes)
  3. Click Save. The defined training is visible on the Observation History page for the completed training or in Reporting via the Observed Training Hours field.

New Reporting Field

Field Name Field Description Field Type


Entity Section (UI Group)
​Observed Training Hours This column contains the Training Hours (if any) entered when completing an On the Job Training Material or the Observed Training Hours (if any) entered when submitting an Express Class completion. The column will be formatted as (HHHH:MM), and is not available for filtering.


Learning On the Job Training & Express Class On the Job Training & Express Class


  • Observed Training Hours can be defined for existing and newly-created training.
  • The Observation History page displays the Observed Training Hours defined via Express Class in the “Training Hours” field.
  • The new “observedTrainingHours” property can be used to define hours and/or minutes spent in training via the Express Class API. Use ISO 8601 formatting, for example 1 hour and 30 minutes, is PT1H30M.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Learning module.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Express Class - Manage Grants the ability to create and add users to an Express Class for a facilitated training session. This permission can be constrained by OU, User, User Self and Subordinates, and User's OU. This is an end user permission. Learning - Administration