View and Edit Test Versions with a Future Effective Date​

Prior to this enhancement, Test Engine administrators were unable to see test versions queued with a future effective date which allowed the creation of multiple versions with the same effective date. This caused downstream issues and test launching errors for Learners.​

With this enhancement, the Test Engine list view displays Pending for test versions with a future effective date, along with who created them, their effective date, and what its structure contains. Administrators can check the structure to affirm its accuracy and modify if needed.

Additionally, the system no longer allows test versions to have the same effective date. Once a pending version with a future effective date is queued, all subsequent versions must have an effective date after the pending version. This ensures that version numbers stay in ascending order.

Deleting a pending version removes it from the Test Engine list and marks it "deleted" on the backend.


To view the Test Engine page, administrators can go to content > Test Engine.​


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Learning module.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality: