Curriculum Player 2.0 - Milestone 2​ (Open Beta)​

With this enhancement, Curriculum Player 2.0 provides a modernized user interface (UI) that allows for an intuitive, straight forward path to the steps needed to complete a curriculum.

To enable this feature, administrators can go to ADMIN > TOOLS > Learning > Learning Preferences > FEATURE ACTIVATION PREFERENCES. Then, activate this feature in the Activate Curriculum Player 2.0 section.

Once enabled, the following new features are part of Curriculum Player 2.0.

  • Tests and Sections inside the new player
  • Expandable child training table of contents
  • Background polling to update transcript statuses
  • Rich text formatting in training descriptions
  • Redirect to post-completion activity

This enhancement is available in Stage on February 16th.

Tests and Sections Inside Curriculum Player 2.0

When a curriculum is launched that meets one of the following the requirements, clicking Open Curriculum in a user's transcript auto-launches the Curriculum Player:

  • Online Courses
  • Videos, Materials
  • Tests and Sections

The legacy curriculum player is launched for all other curriculum.

Expandable Child Training Table of Contents

Expandable table of contents displays full child training titles and metadata.

Background Polling to Update Transcript Statuses

To optimize transcript status transitions:

  • Background polling now updates transcript statuses every 3 seconds if a completion is detected.
  • A new Exit Course button manually terminates a session if the course needs to be exited in order to meet the completion criteria. This is a fail-safe for courses that require a manual termination.

Rich Text Formatting in Training Descriptions

Users can now use rich text formatting in training descriptions as follows:

  • Bold​
  • Header​
  • Paragraphs​
  • Ordered and Unordered lists​
  • Pre-formatted text​
  • Emphasis​
  • Strong​
  • Italics​
  • Underline​
  • Deleted and Stikethrough​
  • Superscript​
  • Link

Important: The backend setting to encode training text must be disabled for .html to render. This may be a security issue, so speak to your IT department before requesting this change. If you decide to make this change, contact Global Customer Support (GCS).

Redirect to Post-Completion Activity

  • Redirecting to the following post-completion activities is now supported:
    • Evaluations​
    • Training Completion Signatures​
    • Acknowledgements

If a training requires a post-completion activity, the Call to Action button in the Curriculum Player redirects to the appropriate page. When the activity is complete, learners are sent back to Curriculum Player 2.0.​


Important: For the Rich Text Formatting in Training Descriptions feature, for .html to render in training descriptions, Corpsetting ‘EncodeTrainingText’ must be set to false. Customers must sign a liability and security warning in a Global Customer Support (GCS) case to change this backend setting.


  • This functionality must be enabled in Feature Activation Preferences.
  • If currently enabled in Stage, no action is required to use the new features.