Form Management – Disable Form Fields in Reporting​

Prior to this enhancement, there was no way to prevent reporting on fields from specific forms. Additionally, some fields were not available at all for reporting and the form data did not update correctly because of the 1024 field limitation.

With this enhancement, a new Include form in reporting option appears on the Manage Forms page. By selecting this option, administrators can decide per form if the response fields used in a form are reportable. Disabling form fields that are not in use anymore ensures that the number of fields reportable across forms stay below the system limit and ensures that form data updates correctly in reporting.

To access this option, administrators can go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Form Management > Manage Forms​ . On the Available Fields tab, select the Build tab.

  • If the response fields should be included in reporting, click the Include form in reporting check-box.
  • If the responses for the User Record Custom, Standard and Question Bank fields from the form should not be reportable, uncheck the Include form in reporting check-box.

By default, form fields on all existing and new forms are reportable.



  • All existing forms are automatically set to reportable.
  • Submission fields continue to display in reports, regardless of the Include form in reporting setting.
  • Response fields used in several forms, with one form set to non-reportable, still appear in reporting.
  • The new form setting is hiding only response fields from the form.
  • If the system limit of 1024 fields is reached, the form data does not update properly in Reporting 2.0. Reduce the number of response fields to stay within the limit.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Cornerstone HR module.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Forms - Manage

Grants access to the Manage Forms functionality. This permission can be constrained by OU and User's OU. This is an administrator permission.

Note: This permission enables access to the Form Management functionality that is part of Cornerstone HR functionality and the Onboarding module. This permission does not grant access to the Training Forms Management functionality.

Forms Management Administration