Reporting 2.0 - Include All or Only the Latest Version of a Training in a Report

Prior to this enhancement, when a user selected training to include in a Reporting 2.0 report, the output would include all versions of the training. It would result in additional work such as filtering out relevant versions.

With this enhancement, when selecting training to include in a Reporting 2.0 report, you can choose to include all versions of the training or only the latest version. It helps in producing more targeted reports and create a better user experience.

The enhancement comes with a new checkbox Show all versions, which is available on the Selected tab in the Select Training flyout. The checkbox is selected by default. You can clear the checkbox to only include the latest version of the training in the report. You can also preview the report to ensure you have included the right training versions in the report.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

The enhancement brings the following benefits:

  • Allows selection of only the latest version or all training versions. This creates a report only having the required versions.
  • Reduces clutter in your report as you can include only the latest version of a training item.
  • Eliminates time consuming extra work such filtering out irrelevant records.


  • The enhancement does not affect existing reports as it will continue to include all versions of the selected training both in preview mode and in the report output.
  • Report owners can edit an existing report and uncheck the new checkbox.
  • If a user selects multiple training titles with the new checkbox checked for some and unchecked for others, then the preview and output will display all versions of the checked training titles and only the latest version of the unchecked training titles.
  • If a training includes only one version, the report will only include that version.


This enhancement is automatically enabled for all organizations.


For more information about Reporting 2.0 permissions, see the following:

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