Reporting 2.0 - Chart Color Preferences for Shared Users in Reporting 2.0

Prior to this enhancement, Reporting 2.0 did not allow shared users to view the chart color palette defined by the report owner, which often created confusion as shared users had their own defined color palette. Sometimes, a field would be assigned unexpected color by default which did not match the title or content of the report. So, when a report owner assigned a color to a field, it would not be visible to shared users.

With this enhancement, report owners can share their defined chart color palette for a specific report with its shared users. You can do this by selecting the new Apply as default color palette for this report when shared checkbox in the color selection flyout and saving the report. When this option is selected, the report owner’s defined chart color palette is only applied to fields in the shared report, and it will not affect shared user’s color preference for same fields in other reports.

If you do not select the checkbox, the shared users will see their own defined colors or the default color assigned by the application.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

This enhancement improves user experience and communication by displaying a consistent color palette for reports across all shared users.


  • The shared color palette for the specific shared report cannot be edited by shared users with view only access.
  • If the report owner has set a color palette, the same color palette applies across all reports for the owner if the same column is used, whether the checkbox is checked or not.
  • If a shared user with edit rights updates the color palette of the shared report, the user who edits the report will see that color across all reports where the column is used, and the report owner will see this new color only for this specific report. The new color will also be visible for all shared users for this specific report.
  • The checkbox is visible for all users. Users with edit rights can view and edit the checkbox. Users with view only permissions can only view the checkbox.
  • The checkbox is unchecked by default, so it does not impact existing reports.
  • This enhancement is applicable for reports shared through the Share flyout, as well as for email deliveries and dashboards.


This enhancement is automatically enabled for all organizations.


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