Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Fields: New Operators to Include Both NULL and Empty Strings

Prior to this enhancement, Reporting 2.0 did not identify both NULL and empty values in calculated fields. Also, the function BLANKVALUE identified only NULL fields but not empty values. It would confuse the users, as it often excluded expected records.

With this enhancement, report owners can now include both NULL and empty values while a creating a calculated field. They can also replace these values with preferred alternative values.

The enhancement comes with four new calculated functions:

  • IFEMPTY - This function identifies an empty value and replaces it with a preferred value.
  • IFNULLOREMPTY - This function identifies both NULL values and empty values in one go and replaces it with a preferred value.
  • ISEMPTY - This function checks if a value is empty.
  • ISNULLOREMPTY - This function checks if a value is null or empty.

The following functions have been renamed:


How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Report owners can now view NULL and empty values or the alternate values they assigned in the report output.


Existing calculated fields and reports that use them will continue to function. This change is noticeable when calculated fields are edited or added.


This enhancement is automatically enabled for all organizations.


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