Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Fields: Field Selection When Two Fields with Almost the Same Name Exist

Prior to this enhancement, Reporting 2.0 did not always select the correct custom field if the application included multiple fields with almost the same names. For example, consider the following two fields where the only difference in names is the capitalization of the letter ‘d’ in ‘date’:

  • Standard Field: Termination Date (with capital D)
  • Custom Field: Termination date (with lower case d)

In such cases, Reporting 2.0 selected the standard field value by default over the custom field value, which resulted in an unexpected output of a calculated field.

With this enhancement, the calculated field now recognizes and includes the exact field that is selected by the report owner, even if the name of the selected field is nearly the same as another field.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

The enhancement eliminates additional work like renaming custom fields to avoid default standard field selection. It identifies the user selected custom field and includes it in the calculated field automatically.


  • This enhancement impacts new and existing reports.
  • When both custom and standard fields have the exact same names, the calculated field includes the standard field value by default.


This enhancement is automatically enabled for all organizations.


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