Reporting 2.0 - Calculated Fields: Convert Date and Time to User's Time Zone

Prior to this enhancement, Reporting 2.0 did not apply local time zone to the date and time values in calculated fields. As a result, field values could be displayed to users in multiple time zones.

With this enhancement, report owners can choose whether to display a calculated field date and time value as per the user’s local time zone or in UTC. A new Localized time zone toggle is added in the calculated field editor to convert date and time. The toggle is enabled by default, which applies the user’s local time zone by default. When the toggle is disabled, Reporting 2.0 applies UTC time zone to date and time values in the calculated field.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

The enhancement brings the following benefits:

  • Report owners can select localized time zone or UTC for date and time functions in the calculated field editor. This change applies to all functions that include date and time.
  • It ensures consistency in the date and time values displayed in a report.


  • The toggle appears only when the calculated field output format is selected as “Datetime.”
  • This enhancement impacts new and existing reports.


This enhancement is automatically enabled for all organizations.


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