Goals in the Learn App

With this enhancement, support for Goals is introduced in the Cornerstone Learn app. App users can access their goals from the Home screen. The Goals page lists the user's goals with overall progress and weight details. Users can view goal details, including Tasks, Targets, Comments, and Attachments. Users can sort and filter their goals.

This functionality is not available during UAT.

Learner Home - My Goals

On the Learner Home page, a new entry point is added to access goals. Selecting this link opens the Goals page.

Goals Page

The Goals page displays the user's overall goal progress and weight details. Each of the user's goals are listed. Users can select a goal to open the Goal Details page.

Goal Details Page

The Goal Details page includes all information related to the goal, including description, due dates, tasks and targets, attachments, and comments.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Users can access and review goals at any time using the Cornerstone Learn app.


The Goal Creation and Editing features are not available in this release.


This functionality is automatically enabled in versions of the Cornerstone Learn app available after the March '23 Release.

If the apps on a user’s device are configured to auto-update, no action is required from the user to receive this functionality. If the apps on a user's device are not configured to auto-update, the user must download the latest version of the app from either the Apple store or the Google Play store.

This functionality is not available during UAT.