View Skill Proficiency Targets and Gaps

When a user belongs to an organizational unit (OU) with an associated capability model, a Your Critical Skills table is displayed on the user's Skills Profile. This table outlines the user's critical skills, their predicted proficiency ratings, targets, and status for the proficiency target. If the user is aligned to multiple competency models with different proficiency targets for the same skills, the highest proficiency target is displayed. If a skill does not have a proficiency target, then it is not displayed in this section.

A user's predicted proficiency rating is an amalgamation of all declared ratings for the user (Self, Manager, and Peers) and the user's skill level that can be inferred from their job history and job title.

To access the Skills Profile page, go to Home > Universal Profile. Then, click the Skills tab.

To access another user's Universal Profile - Bio page, select the user's photograph from any page within Universal Profile or from Global Search. From there, you can access the user's Skills Profile page by clicking the Skills tab.