Skills in Performance Reviews (Early Adopter)

Prior to this enhancement, during a performance review, managers nor employees had access to the employee's skills or skills to develop to facilitate a productive development conversation.

With this enhancement, a new Skills Review section is added to Performance Reviews. The Skills Review section:

  • Integrates a user's skills profile into performance reviews and updates the skills profile as part of a performance review task.
  • Allows a user's skill proficiency to be rated from within a review.
  • Allows manager/user to add custom questions to the Skills Review section.

Administrators can enable this feature by going to ADMIN > TOOLS > PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT > FORM SECTIONS. The process is as follows:

  1. Click the Create Review Section link.
  2. From the Type drop-down, select Skills Assessment. A Questions button and a Add Skill Component button appear.

Administrators can add custom text or rating scale questions to a skills section and determine what order to organize the Skills Components and Custom Questions.

Note: Review Task Central must be enabled to use Skill Assessment.

Once enabled, the Skills Assessment section can be assigned to Self, Manager, a Custom Relationship, or Peer. Additionally:

  • Reviewees can provide context for skills development over the review period, update their declared skills and proficiencies, identify areas of interest for further growth, and explore related learning.
  • Reviewers can view a reviewee’s skills profile, rate their proficiency, provide context or comments around skill development, and explore related learning.

Skills and proficiency updates made in the skills review automatically update in the user's skills profile. ​

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

With this enhancement, during performance reviews:

  • Managers can easily access to the employee's skills to discuss skill development.
  • Employees can take a proactive role in the career development conversation.


  • Task Central must be activated to view the Skills Assessment section.
  • It is not possible to report on the source of skills additions or updates, for example, Skills Profile, Performance Review, Check-in.
  • Previous responses to Skill Assessment section custom questions are not visible in the review, so if the same section version is uSed in multiple reviews, users won't see the responses fo the questions from an older review.
  • The Skills Assessment section will not appear in the PDF printout of the review.
  • Permissions applied to the portal also apply to the Skills components in the review.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Performance Review module


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Performance Review Form Sections - Manage Grants ability to create and manage performance review questions and sections which are used in performance review tasks. This permission can be constrained by OU and User's OU. This is an administrator permission. Performance - Administration