Bulk Reopen Performance Review Steps (Early Adopter)​

Prior to this enhancement, a reviewer was only able to reopen a review step for one reviewee at a time and comments about why someone is reopening are only visible in the step reopened email.

With this enhancement, a reviewer can reopen a review step for one or more reviewees at the same time and provide a reason for reopening the step. Note: Only one step can be opened at a time. Additionally, comments about why someone is reopening are visible in Review Task Central.

To enable this feature, administrators can go to Performance Review -Task Administration, select the Review Workflow tab, then check the Allow the Reopener (Manager, Indirect Manager, and any Custom Relationships) to reopen steps box. This allows the Bulk Actions screen to appear on Task Central.

Once enabled, on the Bulk Actions screen:

  1. Select the Reopen tab.
  2. Select a step or search for a step and select it.
  3. Click the check-boxes for one or more users.
  4. Click the Reopen Steps button. A Reopen Step window opens.
  5. In the Comment for Reviewer box, enter the reason for reopening this step.
  6. Click the Reopen step button. The reopen information is displayed in the reopen table, including the comment. Note: During processing, the reviewer cannot navigate away from the page.

Once processing is done, a success message, a partial success message, or a failed message appears.

  • The step is reopened and the comment is displayed on Task Central to the appropriate assignees.
  • How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

    • Reviewers can reopen a review step for multiple reviewees at once, which saves time during the busy review season.
    • Assignees can view the reopen reason directly on Task Central page to quickly rectify the issue.


    • Bulk reopen functionality is only available to customers who enable Task Central.
    • Bulk reopen supports 1,000 users per bulk submit action.​


    This functionality is automatically enabled for all Task central EA customers.