Reporting 2.0 - View All Reports and Transfer Ownership

Reports are currently only visible to the report owner and those users with whom the report is shared. There was no way for anyone to view all reports that have been created within the portal. Administrators regularly request to be able to view all reports to support with troubleshooting and to help review and transfer report ownership when a user leaves the organization.

Following this enhancement:

  • A new tool Reporting 2.0 View and Manage All Reports is created for administrators. Go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core preferences > REPORTING 2.0 VIEW AND MANAGE ALL REPORTS.
  • By default, the tool shows all reports in the portal owned by all users (Active or Inactive). It can be filtered by User ID.
  • Administrators can select one or multiple reports to transfer report ownership to another user, the user whose ownership is transferred (if still active in the system) will be notified on successful transfer of ownership.

Note: Delivery schedule will remain as-is even after the ownership is transferred

Note: Date and Time fields will be displayed in the time zone of the user accessing the feature

Note: Admin will see the success / failure message for report ownership transfer with a valid reason

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Administrators will have a new tool to view all reporting 2.0 report information and transfer report ownership


Upon implementation, this functionality is available in all portals with Reporting 2.0.


The following new permission applies to this functionality:

Reporting - Admin - All Reports Grants ability to access the Reporting 2.0 View and Manage All Reports tool. This tool enables administrators to view all reports that have been created in Reporting 2.0. Administrators can also transfer ownership of these reports. This permission can be constrained by OU and User. The constraints on this permission refer to the Report Owner. Reporting