Reporting 2.0 - Relative Date Filters

Prior to this enhancement, there were no relative date filter values that could be used with a relative date as they always must be used with a specific calendar date. This applied to all date fields in Reporting 2.0. Due to this, reporting was not fully automated, and the user had to keep manually changing the date. For example, a user could not choose the option "[USER HIRE DATE] is before today" but must select "[ USER HIRE DATE] is before 02/14/2022".

With this enhancement, a user can now select TODAY, YESTERDAY and TOMORROW for the relative date filters.

In the Restrict Options section, a new Limit Date Select To option is available. This option enables report builders to limit the date filter values. The available options are Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and Select Date.

Existing reports continue to work as-is with the following considerations:

  • The existing operators “Yesterday”, “Today” and “Tomorrow” are removed from the date filter list. Going forward users can now use "is on" “Yesterday”, "is on" “Today” and "is on" “Tomorrow” respectively.
  • In the Restrict Options section, the "Yesterday”, “Today” and “Tomorrow” options are moved from the Limit Operators To filter to the Limit Date Select To filter.

Note the following:

  • When selecting the "Is Between" operator range values can be either both specific calendar dates or both relative date values (Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow).
  • If "Limit Date Select To" is set to "Select Date," the filter value opens the calendar.
  • Relative date values can be selected in designer and viewer filter (but not filter properties) and will be saved to user preferences

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Users can use relative date filters along with calendar date filters. This means that they do not have to adjust reports by manually adding the specific date in order to get the criteria they desire.


Upon release, this enhancement is available for all portals with Reporting 2.0.