Reporting 2.0 - Excel Icon Added to Report Viewer

Prior to this enhancement, users wishing to export report data to Microsoft Excel after reviewing or editing filters and generating previews had to navigate from page to page to do so, making for a clunky user experience.

With this enhancement the following features are now available:

  • A Microsoft Excel icon is added to the Viewer page after the clock icon.
  • The Microsoft Excel icon is always available irrespective of whether the snapshot is available or not. It follows the behavior like that of the Reporting 2.0 Home Page.
  • Using the icon, all users with the view or manage permissions can generate and download a new report snapshot with fresh data (as per the user's saved preferences for the report).
  • If a user navigates away from or closes the window while the process is still in progress, the snapshot will still be completed and available in the snapshot pop-up behind the cloud icon. The excel output however will not be delivered as the session has been closed. In that case the user can still download the snapshot to MS Excel through the cloud snapshot pop-up.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Users can now execute a download to Microsoft Excel from the Viewer page. This enables them to carry out filter adjustments, refresh the data, and create the download all from the Viewer page.


Upon release, this enhancement is available for all portals with Reporting 2.0.