Reporting 2.0 - Enhancement to Numeric Filter

Prior to this enhancement, the system did not allow users to paste comma separated values into a string filter with the "is one of" operator resulting in a lot of manual work by pasting individual values in the filter. This also prevents customers from migrating to Reporting 2.0 from custom reports.

With this enhancement, Reporting 2.0 now allows users to paste comma separated values into a numeric filter with the “is one of” operator. The system automatically separates each numeric value into a unique filter value. This aligns with the functionality available in Custom Reports.

This functionality is only available for numeric values.

Initially when pasting a string of comma separated values the user will see a list as in the image below

Upon pressing the enter key the system will separate each value. Any value can then be removed if required, and new entries can easily be manually added.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

As pasting values opposed to manual entry is now possible users will save time and effort when working with comma separated values in numeric filters with the "is one of" operator. This is also likely to improve accuracy and therefore customers can have confidence in moving to Reporting 2.0.


Reporting 2.0 will ONLY allow dot(.) as a decimal separator in filter values irrespective of user culture, but it will display values based on user's culture separator. ex: for a French user, the filter will allow only "21.45" as filter value , but the result will display as "21,45”. Please note that decimal values will only be accepted in the filter for the fields that allow decimal values like Salary and not for integer fields like Assignment ID.


Upon implementation, this enhancement is available for all portals with Reporting 2.0.