Reporting 2.0 - Connect Share User and Email Delivery Setting

Prior to this enhancement, users had to carry out double effort to share a report to a set of users and to then email the report to the same set of users.

With this enhancement, in Share Report, when choosing the recipients, the user has the option in the selected users tab with a checkbox to include in e-mail delivery.

Selecting the box Include in e-mail delivery will also add the user as an e-mail delivery recipient for a report upon save, and the checkbox will be automatically selected if the recipient is added via report builder schedule properties .i.e., it will be synced in both the ways.

Unselecting the Include in e-mail delivery box through the Share Report fly-out would upon save also remove the user from the list of e-mail recipients, and editing the email list in schedule properties with addition or removal of recipients should select or unselect the Include in e-mail delivery checkbox respectively.

Note: The “Include in e-mail delivery box" is disabled if “Deliver to email” toggle is OFF in report builder or user does not have the relevant permissions to share reports via email.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Users can save time and effort as they can now easily share a report with users and have the report delivered through email to the same set of users from the report share fly-out.


This functionality is automatically enabled in all portals using the Reporting 2.0 module.