Reporting 2.0 - Audit PDF Format Changes

Audit PDFs are available for some highly regulated customers, and they are available for download on the Reporting 2.0 homepage.

Prior to this enhancement, the Audit PDF displayed the "Date Generated" in a digit-only format (e.g., 01.01.2022), and this led to confusion for global organizations as there are cultural differences towards date formats. In addition, the “Generated by” field displayed the user’s full name, but this proved ambiguous as names are not always unique.

With this enhancement, Audit PDF is updated with the following improvements:

  • "Generated by" now shows User Full Name and the unique identifier of User ID
  • "Date Generated" is displayed as MONTH, DD, YYYY i.e. MAR 25, 2022

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Improvements to metadata make it easier to know who generated the report and when.


This functionality is on by default for customers that have the Audit PDF export option enabled via a backend setting. This PDF is used by some highly regulated customers; most customers will not be impacted by this enhancement.