New Email Trigger - LAT Draft Review

A new email trigger, LAT Draft Review, is now available. This email is triggered when a learning assignment draft is created, and the following are true:

  • The High User Count threshold is exceeded
  • The Restrict Submission setting is enabled
  • The administrator who created the draft does not have permission to submit the draft

This email is triggered an additional time if an administrator edits and saves the same draft if all of the criteria are still true.

Example 1: Administrator A creates a draft assignment with a user count that is above the High User Count threshold, but the Restrict Submission setting is disabled. The email is not triggered.

Example 2: Administrator A attempts to create a learning assignment that exceeds the High User Count threshold, and the Restrict Submission setting is enabled. Administrator A does not have permission to submit draft assignments. Administrator A receives the High User Count restriction and the can only save the assignment as a draft, and this triggers the LAT Draft Review email.

This email can be configured to be sent to Draft Reviewers or specific users. When this email is sent to Draft Reviewers, this includes all administrators who have the Assignment Tool - Submit Draft permission regardless of permission constraints. Administrators may further restrict the recipient list by adding specific users or by restricting with availability.

To access Email Administration, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Email Management.