Curriculum Player 2.0 (Open Beta)

Cornerstone is excited to announce an Open Beta in Stage environments for Curriculum Player 2.0. With the Curriculum Player 2.0 experience, learners can view the curriculum contents in a side panel while viewing content through an inline player. This updated approach allows learners to keep track of their curriculum progress while simultaneously completing content.

The November ’22 Release is the first milestone for Curriculum Player 2.0. Cornerstone will continue building out the full feature set in future releases.

The following features are included with the November ’22 Open Beta:

  • Curriculum Header
    • Curriculum title & description
    • Curriculum progress percentage
    • Curriculum due date
    • Total duration
    • Version
    • Options menu to View Training Details
  • Inline Content Player
    • Ability to view content inline for online courses, videos, material PDFs
    • Child training title
    • Child training description
    • Child training transcript status
    • Child training type
    • Due date
    • Training hours
    • Version
    • Call to actions relevant to training type and transcript status
  • Other
    • Child training table of contents panel
    • Icons, buttons, and highlighted areas will respect the theme colors set in Display Preferences

For this Open Beta, the Curriculum Player 2.0 launches the new player when the following conditions are met. Otherwise, the legacy curriculum player launches when these conditions are not met:

  • The curriculum does not use sections.
  • The curriculum only contains online courses, videos, or materials. Other training types will be supported in a future release.
  • There is a maximum of 10 training items within the curriculum.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

This enhancement provides an enhanced user interface and user experience that allows for a seamless way to track and complete curriculum trainings.


This functionality is disabled for all organizations. The Curriculum Player 2.0 can be self-enabled by going to Admin Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences > Feature Activation Preferences.

This functionality is only available in Stage environments.