Security Health Check Page - Edit Settings and View History

With the November ‘22 Release enhancements to Security Health Check, customers can do the following:

  • Edit security issues to the Cornerstone recommended value
  • View and export the Modification History in Microsoft Excel file format

To access the Security Health Check tool, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Security Health Check.

View and Edit Modification History

A new menu icon is available in the upper-right corner of the Security Health Check page. This menu contains the following options:

  • View Modification History - Select this option to view the modification history in a flyout.
  • Export Modification History - Select this option to export the modification history to a Microsoft Excel file.

The Modification History contains the following information:

  • Name of the security setting that was modified
  • Original and updated value for the setting
  • Name of the user who modified the setting
  • Date and time of the update

Resolve a Security Setting

Prior to this release, administrators could select the Resolve link for any security setting that is in a critical or warning status. This opened a Resolve Security Issue flyout that displayed additional details about the setting. Administrators could select the Create Support Ticket button that would open Support Central where named administrators could open a support ticket to change the setting.

With this release, for administrators who have permission to edit security settings, the Resolve Security Issue flyout contains an Edit button.

Administrators can only change the value for security issues, which are security settings that are in a critical or warning status. Further, administrators can only change security settings to the Cornerstone recommended value. To change a value for a non-security issue or to change a setting to a non-recommended value, administrators must contact customer support, which is the previously existing process.