Developer Portal Replaces API Explorer and Edge Answers

Cornerstone is excited to share that the Developer Portal has replaced Edge Answers. The Developer Portal is one-stop shop for API and connector documentations and examples.

The Developer Portal can be accessed via and from within Cornerstone portals by navigating to Admin > Tools > Edge > Develop > Developer Portal. Once inside, click Learn more to get started.

Developer Portal FAQ, which is replacing Edge Answers, will include frequently asked questions about Cornerstone’s APIs and connectors. Integration-specific FAQs are available in Knowledge Central.

What to expect with the November ’22 Release:

  • Edge Answers is not accessible as of the November ’22 Release.
  • Edge Answers is replaced by Developer Portal FAQ (
    • Impacted pages where Edge Answers is replaced
      • Edge Home Page (Admin > Tools > Edge)
      • Edge Integration Center
      • Edge Marketplace
      • API Management
      • Bulk API History
      • Imports and Feeds

API Explorer is still accessible via a footer link on the Developer Portal.



This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations.