Deprecation of User and Organizational Unit (OU) Loads and Feeds for Data Load Wizard (DLW) - November '22 Update

Data Load Wizard (DLW) is a legacy data load tool which was built on older technology, is accessed using an older user interface (UI), and experiences slow performance and limited load type support.

Edge Import addresses these issues with a modern UI and an intuitive workflow that can support a greater number of concurrent loads, while providing administrators with a delightful user experience. Edge Import offers manual loads and automated scheduled feed abilities.

Ability to perform Users and OU data loads and feeds using DLW was deprecated with an end-of-life in the May ‘22 Release for most customers. Some customers were excluded from the May ’22 deprecation schedule due to missing feature parity in Edge Import.

Most of the missing parity features those customers were dependent on became available in Edge Import with the August ’22 Release:

  • Group and Group Membership loads
  • Employee load enhancements:
    • GUID based create employee method and employee relationship fields support
    • Applicant to Employee conversion feature (Recruit)

Remaining Milestones

All Data Load Wizard User and OU loads and feeds will be deprecated with the 2023 Q1 Release.


The only exception is customers using Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (SPII) fields in Data Load Wizard. These customers must meet the following criteria to be excluded:

  • Have the Sensitive Information option enabled in CHR Enablement > Features with Restrictions
  • The following fields appear in their Data Load Wizard User Load Template:
    • Date of Birth (SPII)
    • Social Security Number (SPII)

For the excluded customers, the following applies:

  • Feature parity is planned for the 2023 Q1 Release
  • Data Load Wizard loads and feeds will be deprecated with the 2023 Q2 Release.

Important Note: This exception does not apply to customers using custom fields to manage their SPII fields. For this use case, Data Load Wizard loads and feeds will be deprecated with the 2023 Q1 Release.