Manage Default Evaluations

Evaluation Defaults are used to define the default evaluation for learning object types per evaluation level. The default evaluation appears for all new learning objects created in that learning type. Changing the default evaluation does not change evaluations already associated to learning objects.

To access Evaluation Defaults, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Catalog Management > Evaluations. Then, click the Evaluation Defaults link in the left-side navigation panel. The Localized Defaults tab opens as the default view of the Evaluation Defaults page.

Remove Evaluation Default

If a default evaluation has been selected for a training type, the name of the evaluation displays in the Evaluation Defaults table. To remove a default evaluation from a training type, click the X icon next to the evaluation name. The evaluation will be removed as the default evaluation for the training type.

If necessary, you can add a new default evaluation by clicking the Select link for the training type.