Option to Remove Evaluation Defaults

Administrators can select a default evaluation for each training type in the system. Prior to this enhancement, it was possible to replace the default evaluation with another evaluation if needed, but it was NOT possible to remove the default evaluation entirely. Default evaluations could only be removed using a work order.

With this enhancement, administrators now have the power to remove default evaluations for any training type in the system. There is no need to replace the previous default evaluation with another evaluation. Administrators can remove default evaluations via the Evaluation Defaults page: See Evaluation Defaults - Manage.


  • If a specific evaluation has been configured for a training item via the Course Catalog, that evaluation take priority over the default evaluation set for the training type. The default evaluation set for a training type is only used for a training item if no evaluation has been selected for the training item via the Course Catalog.


This functionality is automatically enabled in all portals using the Learning module.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Evaluation Defaults - Modify Allows admin to define the default level 1, level 2 and level 3 evaluations. Learning - Administration