Microsoft Teams vILT Integration Enhancements

Prior to this enhancement, instructors were mapped between Cornerstone and Microsoft Azure using the email address listed in the Cornerstone system for the instructor and the unique UPN (User Principal Name) in Microsoft Azure.

With the August '22 Release, the Microsoft Teams vILT integration will still attempt to map the instructor using the current method of the email address listed for the instructor in Cornerstone and their Azure unique UPN. However, if these two values do not match, an attempt will be made to map to the instructor's email address listed in Microsoft Azure.

Also with this enhancement, the browser (user-agent) information is added to the HTTP header to allow customers to configure browser specific "Conditional Access" policies.


This functionality is automatically enabled in all portals using the Learning module and the Microsoft Teams vILT integration. For more information about using the Microsoft Teams vILT integration: See Microsoft Teams vILT Integration.