Manage Events & Sessions Page - Enable Learning Search

The Manage Events & Sessions page enables administrators to search for and manage training events. With the August '22 Release, administrators can choose whether to run their event search with Traditional Search functionality or Learning (Elastic) Search functionality.

This functionality is temporarily delayed for Pilot and Production portals in France swimlanes until an issue is resolved.

To access the Manage Events & Sessions page, go to: ILT > Manage Events & Sessions.

Enable Learning Search

In the Search All Events table, a new checkbox option is available. This option allows the administrator to choose whether the event search uses Traditional Search or Learning Search. When the Enable Learning Search checkbox is selected, Learning Search is enabled for the event search. This option is selected by default. To disable Learning Search and use Traditional Search instead, unselect the Enable Learning Search checkbox.

Note: If the administrator unselects the Enable Learning Search box, this selection is only maintained during the user's current session in the portal. After the administrator logs out of the system, the Manage Events & Sessions page will revert back to using Learning Search.

The Enable Learning Search option can be hidden from the Manage Events & Sessions page via ILT Preferences if needed. See ILT Preferences - General.


When Learning Search is enabled:

  • Event search results are ordered by relevancy.
  • Administrators can sort the results table by event title by clicking the Event Title header in the table. Note: If the results table contains more than 500 results, sorting by event title is not available. In this case, a message appears above the results table so administrators know to refine their search further before using sorting options.
  • Learning Search returns a maximum of 10,000 results. If there are more results matching the search criteria, a warning message displays above the results table.
  • Page instructions on the Manage Events & Sessions page will vary depending on which search engine is currently being used.