Ability to Export xAPI Statements from Cornerstone via API

xAPI courses provide meaningful information about the actions users take by sending xAPI statements to Cornerstone’s Learning Record Store (LRS). Prior to this enhancement, exporting xAPI statements was only available via the xAPI Statement Viewer in the user interface (UI), and the amount of information that could be exported was limited.

With this enhancement to Cornerstone’s xAPI implementation, customers can export all of their xAPI statements to another LRS and keep both systems in sync. After all statements have been exported from Cornerstone’s LRS, customers that use a 3rd party LRS that supports ingestion can continue to request new statements at predefined time intervals to keep both systems in sync and report on actions performed by users in xAPI courses, find specific information, and view trends.


  • Exporting xAPI statements can be done via API with up to 32,000 statements per request if no filters or only date filters are used.
  • Using paging, more than 32,000 statements can be exported with multiple requests.
  • To improve stability, the API has a throttling limit of up to 10 calls per minute.


A Client ID and Client Secret are required to configure the API. These values can be requested via a case to Global Customer Support (GCS).

This functionality is available to organizations using Cornerstone's Foundational APIs.

To learn more about Cornerstone's Learning integrations: See Integrations for Learning Overview.