Curriculum Structure Modification History Error Message

The Structure Modification History page captures an audit trail of changes made to the curriculum's structure. This page is accessible from both the Course Console page and the Transcript Details page for curricula. Prior to this enhancement, if a large number of changes had been made to a curriculum and then a user attempted to view an audit of the changes on the Structure Modification History page, the retrieval of this data could take a long time and the request could time out. If the request timed out, an incorrect message would appear, stating that no structural modifications were available.

With this enhancement, if an audit request for the Curriculum Structural Modification History page times out due to too many changes, a new error message displays. This error message states, " The audit trail of changes made to the curriculum's structure are too many to display in this page. Kindly leverage reporting to view previous details."


This functionality is automatically enabled in all portals using the Learning module. For more information about the Structure Modification History page: See Curriculum Structure Modification History Page.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Course Catalog - View

Grants access to view the learning objects in the course catalog and enables administrators to view the Course Console and the Popular Requests and Highest Rated widgets on the Learning Admin Console (in conjunction with the Learning Admin Console - View permission). This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, Training Type, Training Item, Provider, ILT Provider, User's ILT Provider, and User's LO Availability. This is an administrator permission.

Adding an OU constraint and a provider constraint to this permission results in an "AND" statement.

Learning - Administration
View Transcript Item Grants ability to view details of learning objects that appear on the transcript (training record), by clicking on the name of the learning object. Users must also have the Bio About - View permission in order to access the transcript within Universal Profile. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, User Self and Subordinates, User, or User's Self. This is an end user permission. Learning - Administration