Assignment of Training Associated with Inactive Curriculum

With this enhancement:

  • The latest version of training items will be assigned to users, even if the prior version of the training is associated with an inactive curriculum. ​​

Use Case - Latest Version of Training Items

A user has completed the previous version of a training item as part of a now inactive curriculum. This previous version of the training item is on the Completed tab of their transcript. The user is then assigned the new version of the training item, either as part of a new curriculum or as a standalone​ training item. The user successfully receives the latest version of the training item, even though its prior version is associated with an inactive curriculum on their transcript.


  1. A curriculum called "Security" is created. It contains a material called "Security 101" and a material called "Security 201." ​
  2. The "Security" curriculum is assigned to a user named Adam on July 1st.​
  3. Adam completes the "Security" curriculum.​
  4. The "Security" curriculum is later made inactive by an administrator.​
  5. The material called "Security 101" is reversioned to v2.​
  6. A new curriculum called "Advanced Security" is created. It contains v2 of the "Security 101" material as well as the material called "Security 201."​
  7. The new "Advanced Security" curriculum is assigned to Adam via the Learning Assignment Tool with the Assign new Occurrence option enabled and the Maintain Progress option turned off.

  8. Result: Adam receives v2 of the "Security 101" material when he is assigned the "Advanced Security" curriculum, even though a prior version of "Security 101" is on his transcript and associated with an inactive curriculum.


  • This enhancement applies to child training that is versioned with Append logic or Replace logic.​
  • This enhancement applies to the previous version of the child training item when the training is in a Completed, Completed Equivalent or Exempt status.​
  • This enhancement does not apply to the versioning of inactive curricula.​