Completed Equivalent Child Training

With this enhancement, users can now launch child training that would ordinarily be in a Pending Prior Training status within curricula in a Completed Equivalent status.

Use Case - Launch Pending Prior Training Child Training Item from Completed Equivalent Curriculum

A user has been assigned a training item and a curriculum individually,​ and there is training equivalency between the training object and the curriculum. The user completes the training item. Then, the curriculum is marked as Completed Equivalent, and the child training items within the curriculum receive a status of Not Started instead of being stuck in a Pending Prior Training status which would prevent users from launching them. ​


  1. A curriculum called "Security" is created. It contains a material called "Security 101" and a material called "Security 201."
  2. A material called "Hacking 101" is created, and the "Security" curriculum is marked as a training equivalent for "Hacking 101."
  3. The "Hacking 101" material is assigned to a user named Adam, and Adam completes it.
  4. Later, the "Security" curriculum is assigned to Adam with the Assigned, Approved and Registered option selected. The "Security" curriculum is marked as Completed Equivalent on Adam's transcript.
  5. Result: The "Security 101" material inside the Completed Equivalent curriculum has a status of Not Started.