Developer Portal Replaces API Explorer

Cornerstone is excited to share that with the August '22 release, the current API Explorer is being replaced with a new Developer Portal. The Developer Portal is one-stop shop for API and connector documentations and examples.

The Developer Portal can be accessed via and from within Cornerstone portals by navigating to Admin > Tools > Edge > Develop > Developer Portal. Once inside, click Learn more to get started.

What to expect after the August ’22 Release:

  • Users attempting to navigate to the API Explorer ( will automatically be redirected to the Developer Portal.
  • API Explorer will be accessible via a footer link on the Developer Portal until the November ’22 Release.
  • Full deprecation of the API Explorer is scheduled for the November ‘22 Release.


The Connector Tools page in API Explorer is not supported in the Developer Portal. This is true for all Connector types. Instead, integrations can be tested directly within the Cornerstone portal.

Not all Reporting endpoints available are displayed in the Developer Portal. Cornerstone is working to get them added. In the meantime, you can reference the API Explorer for the complete list of endpoints.


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations.