Reporting 2.0 - Custom Report Migration Tool Enhancements

The Reporting 2.0 - Custom Report Migration Tool Enhancements will be available with the May 13 patch. These enhancements include the following:

  • Ability to migrate reports for others.
  • Ability to select/deselect all reports shown in the tool.
  • "Last Imported" information for each report.
  • New filter options to select:
    • All Custom Reports that have already been imported into Reporting 2.0.
    • All Custom Reports that have not been imported into Reporting 2.0 yet.
    • All Custom Reports with errors.

How Does This Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

Additional filter options and ability for administrators to migrate reports for other users make it easier to migrate reports ahead of the Custom Reports deprecation beginning with the August '22 Release.


Upon implementation, this functionality is available in all portals with Reporting 2.0.


The following new permission applies to this functionality:

Reporting - Admin Custom Report Migration

Grants access to any user to see and import all Custom Reports available in the portal. This permission cannot be constrained.

This permission is automatically assigned to the Cornerstone administrator and System Administrator security roles.


For more information about Reporting 2.0 permissions, see the following:

  • Permissions in Reporting 2.0 - This provides detailed information about Reporting 2.0 permissions.
  • Permissions List - This provides the list of permissions and their relationships so that you know which permissions users need to have to create and view reports.