New Standard Report - Reporting 2.0 Report Details

Prior to this release, reports were only visible to the report owner and users the report was shared with. There was no way to see a list of all reports created within the portal.

With this release, a new standard report is available to System Administrators which will allow admins to extract a list showing all reports that have been created within the portal. The report will be available within the System section of Standard Reports. It will include several filter options and the maximum number of rows supported is 100,000​. Because this is an Admin report, the report will not be constrainable.​

Report Details

The following columns are available:

  • Report Title
  • Report ID
  • Report Type
  • Report Owner User ID
  • Report Owner Username
  • Report Owner Full Name
  • Report Owner's Status
  • Report Owner's Email
  • Report Modifier User ID
  • Report Modifier Username
  • Report Modifier Full Name
  • Report Creation Date
  • Report Active
  • Report Last Modified Date
  • Report Last Run Date
  • Report Total Runs
  • Report Columns
  • Filter Columns

The following advanced fields are available in the report output:

  • Sorted Columns
  • Summarized Columns
  • Show Distinct Rows
  • Run When Opened
  • Report OU Filter
  • Report User Filter
  • Automation Details

    • Automation Enabled?
    • Automation Type
    • Delivery Format
    • Schedule Recurrence
    • Schedule Start Date
    • Schedule End Date
    • Schedule Time Zone
  • Creator Report Folder Name
  • Migrated from Custom Reports?
  • Include Inactive Reports
  • Report Sharing Details

    • Is Report Shared
    • Report Shared with OU Title
    • Report Shared with OU ID
    • Report Shared with OU - Include subordinates
    • Report Shared with OU - Include Automation
    • Report Shared with OU - Edit Report?
    • Report Shared with User ID
    • Report Shared with User Full Name
    • Report Shared with User - Edit Report?
    • Report Shared with User - Include Automation?
    • Report Shared with User - Include Subordinates?


  • The Report Total Runs column in the report output will show total runs altogether for the reports, irrespective of the date filter Report Last Run date.
  • Date fields are displayed in the time zone of the user running the report.
  • The ‘Report columns’ field in the report output will include both active and inactive columns mapped to a specific report.


  • This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using Reporting 2.0.


The following new permission applies to this functionality:

Reporting 2.0 Report Details

Grants access to view the Reporting 2.0 Report Details, which displays information about the Reporting 2.0 reports created and ran.

The Reporting 2.0 Report Details permission can be constrained by OU and User constraints. The constraints apply to the recipient user.

The Reporting 2.0 Report Details permission will be assigned to the Cornerstone Administrator and System Administrator roles by default.

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