New Standard Report - Reporting 2.0 Delivery Log

Prior to this release customers were unable to check the delivery status of reports or see to whom a report had been sent.

With this release, customers will be able to see the status and a log of their report deliveries via a new Standard Report, Reporting 2.0 Delivery Log. Scheduled reports that are sent to an FTP or sent through email will be included. The report will show entries for reports that have either been delivered successfully or for which delivery has failed. When generation and delivery is still in progress for a certain report, this report will not be included in the delivery log output. The report will be available within the System section of Standard Reports. This report supports 100,000 rows of data and will include several filter options.

Report Details

The following columns are available:

  • Report Title
  • Report ID
  • Report Owner User ID
  • Report Owner Username
  • Report Owner User Full Name
  • Delivery Method
  • Scheduled Delivery Date and Time
  • Delivery Path
  • Recipient User ID
  • Recipient Username
  • Recipient User Full Name
  • Recipient User Email
  • Delivery Status
  • Error Message


  • This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using Reporting 2.0.

Error Message Values

These are possible error message values:

  • Schedule must have at least one active user

  • Invalid FTP folder path

  • Schedule must have at least one valid email address

  • Report scheduled for delivery is not found

  • Report owner is inactive.

  • Email cannot be sent to user, email string is empty

  • Email cannot be sent to user, user is inactive

  • Email cannot be sent to user, email string is Invalid

  • Email cannot be sent to user, user does not have permission for Email Delivery

  • General error occurred during operation. Please contact your service Administrator (Global Customer Support)


  • The Date Filter is mandatory, but other filters are optional.
  • The Date and Date/Time fields display in the time zone of the user running the report.
  • The default sort order is by latest delivery date and time in descending order.
  • Only reports that are delivered to an FTP or via email are included in the Reporting 2.0 Delivery Log.
  • Only data as of the release will be displayed. Historical data will not be included.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Reporting 2.0 Delivery Log

Grants access to view the Reporting 2.0 Delivery Log, which displays user-level information about deliveries for your Reporting 2.0 Reports.

Reports - System