Deprecation of Reporting 2.0 Word and XML Export Formats with the May '22 Release

Word and XML report export formats are being deprecated with the May ’22 Release as part of the larger initiative to deprecate the use of SSRS. As of the October ’21 Release, defects for these report formats that are not P1 are not being fixed. Customers exporting or downloading their Reporting 2.0 reports in Word or XML formats are encouraged to switch to any of the other available formats in advance of the May ‘22 deprecation.


Upon implementation, this functionality is available in all portals with Reporting 2.0.

Click here to download the Reporting 2.0 Starter Guide.

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For more information about Reporting 2.0 permissions, see the following:

  • Permissions in Reporting 2.0 - This provides detailed information about Reporting 2.0 permissions.
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