Competency Assessment Results in SMP PowerPoint Template Report

Prior to this release, when using the Succession PowerPoint Template Report, organizations were limited to data from the user profile, resume, succession tasks, and reviews.

With this release, administrators can add competency assessment results to the Succession PowerPoint Template Report by selecting a task from the new Competency Task drop-down.

This enhancement lets users:

  • Select one Competency Task from which assessments results are generated.
  • Select specific competencies from within the task to include the scores, not just the over all score of a competency assessment.
  • Include data from standalone Competency Tasks or Competency Assessments inside Succession tasks.
  • View a complete list of available tags by clicking "View Tags" on the report setup screen.


  • This functionality is automatically enabled for all customers with Succession and Competency Management enabled.
  • This functionality does not affect any existing templates in use.


  • Users can only enable one competency task per Succession PowerPoint Template.
  • The competency name and the score the user received are returned from a single tag, so users are unable to separate these values in the new templates.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:


SMP PowerPoint Report Preferences

Enables administrators to manage templates and tags for specific fields for use in the SMP PowerPoint Template report. This is an administrator permission. Talent/Succession - Administration