Assignment Summary - Edit

Administrators can edit the due dates of dynamic learning assignments and the titles of both standard and dynamic assignments from the Assignment Summary page for the assignment.

To access the Assignment Summary page for a learning assignment, go to ADMIN > TOOLS > LEARNING > LEARNING ASSIGNMENT TOOL and click on the title of the learning assignment to which you want to make edits.

Edit Title of Assignment

Administrators with the permission to edit assignment titles can edit the titles of standard and dynamic assignments by clicking the Title field on the Assignment Summary page. This opens an inline editing pop-out window, and you can enter a different title for the assignment. To confirm and save the new title, click the green checkmark icon in the pop-out window. To discard the edits to the title field without saving, click the red X icon.

The updated assignment title is reflected in all relevant areas of the system, including reporting.

Edit Due Date of Assignment

Administrators with the permission to edit assignment due dates can edit the due date of a dynamic assignment via the Schedule section of the Assignment Summary page. The administrator can make edits to the selected due date option or select from the following due date options:

  • No Due Date
  • Relative Date
  • Annual Date

When the administrator initiates an edit of the assignment's due date, a Save button and a Cancel button appear below the due date options. Click the Save button to save your due date modifications, or click the Cancel button to discard your due date modifications without saving them to the assignment.

Note: The ability to edit an assignment's due date is not currently available for standard learning assignments.