Remove Self-Requested Training from Transcript

Learners can remove training items they self-requested from their transcripts using a new Remove option available on the Transcript page. This option is available for self-requested training even if the training has been versioned since the learner requested it.

To access the Transcript page, go to HOME > UNIVERSAL PROFILE. Then, click the Transcript tab. Note: The location of this link is configurable by your system administrator.


After a user has requested training and it has been added to their transcript, the user can remove that training by navigating to their transcript and selecting the Options drop-down menu to the right of the training. If the user has permission to remove self-requested training, a Remove link is available in the drop-down. The user can click the Remove link to remove the training from their transcript. This opens the Remove Training pop-up, in which the user must populate the following fields:

  • Select Reason - Select the reason for removing the training. This is required. Note: Reasons appear in the user's display language, when available. If the user's display language is not available, then the reason appears in the reason's default language.
  • Comments - In the field, enter additional comments regarding the training removal. Depending on the selected reason, this may be required.

When the user has finished populating the above fields, they can click the Submit button, and the training item will be removed from their transcript. If the user does not wish to finalize the training removal, they can click the Cancel button and return to the Transcript page, and the training will not be removed.