Enhancements to the Ability to Remove Self-Requested Training

During the October '21 release, the ability for end users to remove self-requested training from their own transcripts was made available. However, if the training they had self-requested was versioned between when they requested it and when they attempted to remove the training, it was not possible for the user to remove the training from their transcript.

With the May '22 release, end users can now remove self-requested training that was versioned by an administrator after the user requested it. This functionality was made available with some limitations in Stage with the February '22 release, and it will be available in both Stage and Production with the May '22 release.


  • Training CAN be self-removed from the transcript even after the training has been versioned. This behavior applies to training versioned with Replace versioning and to training versioned with Append versioning.
  • Training CAN be self-removed even after having multiple version numbers. If a training item's version number is incremented, this does not prevent the user from self-removing the training.


This functionality is automatically available in portals using the Learning module. Access to the ability to remove self-requested training is controlled by the Remove Training - Self Requested permission.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Bio About - View

Enables user to view the Bio page for users within their permission constraints. This permission must be enabled to view the Transcript page within Universal Profile. If a user does not have this permission and they click a person's name or user photo within the Universal Profile, then the Bio page will not open.

On the Learner Home page, this permission also allows end users to view the Completions & Hours field, the training sidebar, and the Continue Learning carousel.

This permission can be constrained by Employee Relationship, OU, User's OU, User's Direct Reports, User Self and Subordinates, and User. Note: For security purposes, this permission is constrained to User Self and Subordinates by default. However, the permission constraints can be modified to allow users to view the Bio About page for other users.

Universal Profile
Remove Training - Self Requested

Grants learners the ability to remove training that was self-requested from their active transcript and move it to the Removed tab of their transcript. This is an end user permission. This permission can be constrained by the following criteria:

  • User's Direct Subordinates
  • Direct Reports
  • User's Self
  • Employee Relationship
  • User's Subordinates
  • User Self and Subordinates
  • User's Defined OUs
View Transcript Item Grants ability to view details of learning objects that appear on the transcript (training record), by clicking on the name of the learning object. Users must also have the Bio About - View permission in order to access the transcript within Universal Profile. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, User Self and Subordinates, User, or User's Self. This is an end user permission. Learning - Administration