Data Load Wizard - User Loads: Default Password Setting Enhancement

As part of the Default Password Management enhancement, customers who have a default password set for the portal and also use the Data Load Wizard (DLW) User Load, are no longer able to provide a custom password for new users created via the Data Load Wizard load.

With this enhancement, when a default password is enabled for a portal, then the checkbox “Assign default password to new users” will be checked and disabled, and radio buttons for Top Corporate Password or custom password will no longer display for Data Load Wizard User Loads. Users created via the Data Load Wizard User Load will have their password set per the default password preferences. Please note that this also impacts users who were added to the system before the rollout of the Default Password in Password Preferences.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

This enhancement provides improved password security, which makes it easier to comply with an organization’s security protocols and standards.


This functionality is enabled by default for customers that have a default password set for their portal; this will be a phased rollout by swimlane and will follow the same rollout schedule as the Default Password Management enhancement. See Default Password Management.

This functionality is currently available to test in stage environments.

Customers that do not have a default password set for their portal will not be impacted by this enhancement.


The following existing permission applies to this functionality:

Data Load Wizard - Users Enables administrator to load users. This permission also enables administrators to track data loads and manage data load templates. This is an administrator permission. Data Load Wizard